Sotiris Fokeas (aka @Soteur) was born in 1989 in Athens, where he lives.
His first contact with art was through graffiti and street art and at the age of 18, he got accepted into the Athens School of Fine Arts were he studied under Tasos Christakis and Marios Spiliopoulos.
His work evolved around conceptual art, installations, video and he worked in teams and collectives, exhibiting in Greece and abroad.
After a 5 year break were he worked for marketing, he decided to return and focus on becoming a full time artist.
He claims he is an “internet kid”, that “art is better done while having fun with friends” and whenever he is asked to explain a piece of his he replies “I have no idea guys, I just had fun making it”.


PS: He is the one who wrote this description as well, so he decided to print it and exhibit it wherever possible.